Tuesday, 3 January 2012

World Comics Finland opens a blog

Welcome to World Comics Finland’s blog, which we have decided to call ”Comics with Attitude”. 
This was also the title of our first book which was written by Leif Packalen and Frank Odoi as early as 1999.  Since then a lot has happened in the field of  comics in communication, grassroots comics, educational comics, campaign comics, etc. Our organisation has certainly contributed to some of this development and several Comics Power -offshoots have emerged in different parts of the world.

We decided to establish this blog to be able to share World Comics Finland’s news and to upload examples of  interesting visual  material, often resulting from comics workshops. 

It has proven a bit cumbersome to efficiently upload the news items on our website www.worldcomics.fi All the news items from 2010-2011 can also be read, for easy reference, in this blog. We will, however, continue with our website, update its contents, and add new manuals, etc, when there is need for that. So don’t forget to check our website as well.

Why a blog and not Facebook? We believe in reliable news and serious discussion (even on a subject such as comics), and not hastily scribbled opinions, congratulations, and ”likes”.  We hope that our blog can  give new insights and ideas, and open the readers’ eyes for what can be done with comics. Some of the visual material which we are going to share is amazing, and shows the potential of what can be done with comics in communication.

Main language will be English, but entries in other languages are also possible, e.g. Finnish, French, Italian, Swahili, Swedish (we can always try to summarize in English).

The blog is meant to be interactive, and we welcome comments, reviews, articles and  pictures. We will, however, moderate the contents.

Enjoy reading!

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