Thursday, 26 January 2012

New Grassroots Comics from Kenya (first batch)

World Comics Finland’s cooperation with Youth Alive! Kenya is progressing well. The first grassroots comics workshops, run by the tutors who were trained in October 2011, have been held, and we have already received wonderful comics samples from the workshops held by KAPLET and Undugu Society of Kenya.
The selection of comics below takes up issues such as sexual abuse of children, traditional medicine, and drunken driving. The summaries have been translated by Rachael Wandia of Youth Alive! Kenya.

The comics show that the new tutors have been able to competently guide and inspire the participants, who are all social activists.

More samples and reports will follow soon!
In the story, we see three mothers cuddling their children who are unwell. One of the women says that she will give her child some traditional medicine she was given by her mother. Later, we see her lamenting because her child is dead. The story ends with the women seeking treatment from the local clinic having realized that the traditional medicines do not work.

Story and artwork by Mercy Njoki of KAPLET (Kamukunji Paralegal Trust).
This comic shows effectively the consequences of drinking and driving.

Story and artwork by Victor of KAPLET (Kamukunji Paralegal Trust).
The story is about a young girl who is sexually abused at home by her father. Her mother takes her to the police station to report the incident and they go for some tests in hospital. The doctor confirms that the girl has been raped. In the last panel the father is arrested by the police due to defilement.  
Story and artwork by Pinchez Shizzle, a member of one of the association groups from Undugu Society of Kenya.

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