Monday 3 March 2014

A Guard’s Story - comic on Australian refugee detention centres

The comic was drawn by Sam  Wallman

The Australian refugee detention policy has been forcefully described in the comic A Guard’s Story, published in the Global Mail on their website:

The administration of the detention centres has been outsourced to multinational companies who run the centres with minimum expense and maximum profit. A humane approach to refugees is not on their agenda.

The creators of the comic interviewed at length an ex-employee of SERCO, a major detention centre contractor. His experiences as well as his diary notes were the base for the comic which was drawn by Sam Wallman, an accomplished counterculture artist from Melbourne.

A Guard’s Story offers a rare and chilling insight into the life inside an Australian immigration detention facility. 
Again we can see the power of comics. It is difficult to imagine telling this story in another medium quite as well as in A Guard’s Story. Thanks to The Global Mail team for publishing it. 
(posted by Leif Packalen)
The guard couldn't cope with the work at the SERCO company for very long.