Thursday 14 February 2013

New website finally ready!

Opening image in our new slideshow.

We have revamped our website   It is now much more compact than before, and it should be  easy to find our manuals in several languages as well as samples of comics from different parts of the world.

As a completely new item we have a slide show with pictures from workshops and distribution of wallposter comics.  Our latest downloadable manuals are in Estonian and Russian.

Please visit the site, and let us have your comments.  Our news will continue on this blog.

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Comics trainers for global education in eastern part of Estonia

Tatiana inking her comic.
Knowledge of the grassroots comics method expands  in Estonia as the cooperation between the Estonian NGO Mondo ( and World Comics Finland continues. After conducting a workshop in Tallinn in November 2012 we were asked to go to Narva, a town located in the very eastern part of Estonia.

A training of comic trainers (ToT) for global education was held in Narva at the end of January 2013.  The workshop was facilitated by Heidi Leino and Lidia Kivinen from World Comics Finland. In this special workshop, developed together with Finnish Youth Academy (Nuorten Akatemia),  the participants are sensitised to global issues like injustice, world trade, and women's and childrens rights.

In  similar workshops held mainly in Finnish schools, grassroots comics made by activists in Africa have been used as demonstration material. These comics are an excellent tool to illustrate several things:

1) to familiarize the participants with the every-day problems people can have in developing countries.
2) to show that the local people are often very active in finding solutions to their problems
3) to describe how grassroots comics are used as a means of communication in developing countries.

In Narva, the participants at the training were youth workers and students. Their mother tongue was Russian.
The workshop participants in Narva. In front: Lidia Kivinen and Heidi Leino
Comics produced in the workshop were about about drug abuse, corruption, racism and human rights, importance of learning and going to school, and helping the poor. One of the comics advertised the youth center as a far better place to be in than drinking and smoking in the street with "the bad guys".

Druzhba (Friendship)
1. Hello guys!     Go away!
2. But why? According to the international convention of human rights,
all people are equal!!! 
3. Since when? We are people who follow the law! So let’s be friends?

Narva January 28, 2013. Story and Art by Igor

The feedback  from the participants was very positive and we look forward to seeing how the grassroots comics method works with the youngsters in Narva area. The basic grassroots comics manual was translated into Russian and it is now available on our website
post by Heidi Leino

Young people’s voices... grassroots comics from Kenya

Mtazamo wa Vijana - Young people’s voices on current issues in Kenya is a publication compiled by Youth Alive! Kenya in Nairobi. It contains some of the grassroots comics which were produced at comics workshops in Nairobi in 2011 -12. Participating organizations were Kamukunji Paralegal Trust (KAPLET), Gay Kenya Trust, Undungu Society of Kenya, Kamukunji Community Based Organizations Network (KCBONET), U-TENA and Youth Alive! Kenya.  18 activists from these organizations were trained to make grassroots comics and thereafter to run comics workshops themselves.

The comics in the publication are a reflection of the issues the Kenyan society is grappling with, and more specifically, the youth in the society.

The cooperation betwen World Comics Finland and the Kenyan organizations received funds from the Finnish Foreign Ministry.

For more information about the publication please get in touch with Youth Alive! Kenya, email