Friday 28 November 2014

Publication de les BDs de clubs scolaires au Burundi

La publication sur le web
World Comics Finlande a formé, en 2010, des formateurs pour les ateliers de bandes dessinées avec APDH (Association pour la Paix et les Droits de l'Homme). APDH a utilisé la bande dessinée dans beaucoup de leurs activités au cours des années. 

Nous avons reçu une collection de bandes dessinées réalisés par les élèves de l'école qui sont actifs dans les clubs scolaires pour les droits humains. APDH a animé ces clubs dans les écoles.

Nous avons compilé ces bandes dessinées dans une petite publication sur le Web.  Si vous voulez voir ces bandes dessinées, vous pouvez télécharger la publication (5 MB) en cliquant sur ce  lien:

(This publication is for the moment available only in French)

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Mongolia: Comics in Awareness Raising

Wallposter comic proudly shown by Mongolian kids

Cal Brackin works as a Community and Youth Development (CYD) Peace Corps Volunteer in Choir in Mongolia. Right now he is training the most recent arrivals of Peace Corps CYD volunteers and will promote grassroots comics being used at schools and health departments throughout Mongolia.

Cal was recently involved in organizing an anti-alcohol and anti-tobacco week and the comic below was created during the week. It is easy to understand: after getting drunk in a bar, a man falls off his horse and dies.

Cal, a comics artist himself, has promised to continue using comics in his work both in the secondary school where he teaches as well as in different projects involving raising environmental awareness, gender equality, and trafficking in persons. He will also translate some of our training materials into Mongolian language to be included in our website. We look very much forward to that and further news from Mongolia!

The Comics Power wall in the school. Many points of views.