Tuesday 3 January 2012

Comics workshop on environment, Bamako, Mali

Originally published on May 15, 2011

Ms Aminata Doumbia and Ms Aminata Barry of MFC Nyetaa participated in the workshop. Picture: Heidi Leino

A one-day grassroots comics workshop was held in Bamako, Mali, in November 2010, for ten employees of MFC Nyetaa, an NGO on environment. Many of the participants told they had no previous experience from drawing. 

However, after some exercises, they were able to produce convincing comics about development issues. They were very positive about using comics as a tool in their future activities in which awareness raising about the sustainable use of natural resources plays a central role.

The workshop was run by Ms. Heidi Leino (NGO activist and a member of World Comics Finland) who is also involved in the Grassroots Comics School Visitor -programme with the Youth Academy in Finland.

The comic below was made in the Bamako workshop by Lasseni Traore.

Comic by Lasséni Traore

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