Tuesday 10 January 2012

Comics empowerment in Kenya

World Comics Finland started cooperation with Youth Alive! Kenya (www.youthalivekenya.org) in October 2011 with a training of trainers (ToT) workshop. Below pictures, drawings and comics from the workshop. 

One of the 18 ToT-workshop participants Buthaina Ibrahim of Undugu Society of Kenya, showed her wallposter comics to people in the Limuru market. Especially the kids were mesmerized. Photo Hanna Arvela.

Hanna Arvela and Leif Packalen of World Comics Finland were trainers at the workshop. Drawing: LP.

Group photograph from the trainers' workshop in Limuru.
Immediately after the ToT-workshop, the new trainers practised their skills in a three-day test workshop in Pumwani Social Hall in Kamkunji. Here Festus Mwiti (left) and Michael Oduor (right) instruct social activists from different organisations in the Kamukunji area. 

To get feedback to the comics from ordinary people in the community, is always important. Interaction with people gives insight into how the comics are actually understood, and what could be made in a different way. Drawing: L.P.

Ms. Mildred Aiwso of KAPLET (Kamukunji Paralegal Trust) made the story about violence against women. The husband beats his wife and she reports it to the Police Chief, who calls a meeting of the elders. At the meeting the chief speaks against the violence.

Festus Mwiti of Gay Kenya Trust made this strip about a gay person who was harassed by a couple. The police intervened and arrested the couple. The strip is called “Gay rights are human rights”. Being homosexual was only very recently decriminalised in Kenya, so this information needs to be spread.

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