Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Michael Sagikwa (Tanzania): Campaign comics on human rights issues

Michael Sagikwa (Tanzania) sent us samples from two human rights comics which he made for the Common Ground’s campaigns in Tanzania.

We met Michael first in Morogoro, where he is still based, in the 1996 workshop for comics artists and illustrators. We were immediately struck by his neat artwork and superb hand-lettering. Michael was an apprentice with Katti Ka-Batembo for some time until his own career took off. He has worked for many organisations both with educational campaign comics and illustrations. You can also check him on his blog: http://sagikwa-mike.blogspot.com/  


Below are some sample pages from the stories, “Kwenye njia ya haki” (On the right path) and “Aisha”.

A sample page from Aisha.

Aisha is about sexual harassment. A secondary school teacher tried to rape Aisha. He pretended to help her to improve in Math and invited her to his house. Luckily Aisha managed to escape.

News reached Chacha, Aisha’s father's friend who together with his wife and
Aisha's mother went to file a complaint at the police station against
the teacher (Mr. Muganda). He was later sentenced to 30 years in prison
according to Tanzanian law for such acts.

The Chacha story is about police corruption in Tanzania, and illegal arrests and violation of human rights at the police stations. Chacha, the main character of the series, is being arrested illegally but released a day after the intervention of the OCD (police officer commanding the district).

The police officer solisicts a bribe.

The cover of the booklet.
A sample page fom Chacha.


  1. Michael Sagikwa, When I usually read Mwananchi news paper i can skip ur artwork on page 2. But tell-us what is happening when at those drawing are seen with a different name like Abeid H. Sakara. Who is he in your works! Am I right to think that the idea of the picture is his or he is 'ur counterpart? Again don't 'u think making collection of those drawings into a booklet can be sold? If you don't do this, then start now but if you do, then it is not enough b'se we don't see them(booklets)around. Justus Mukereme, Mang'ula - Kilombero.

  2. Make correction on comments of 9/06/2012 from Justus 'I cannot skip ...' instead of ' I can'.