Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Isaak Traore (Mali): Comic on children’s right to organisation

Isaak Traore made this four-page comic about children’s rights to organisation and its benefits. An accident happened to Sekou, while he was preparing for a village meeting celebrating the annual “Day of the African Child”. Because his organisation was well connected to EJT (The Mali branch of the African Movement for Working Children and Youth), in the capital, they could get medical help to Sekou quickly. The story ends with Sekou opening the village meeting. 

 Isaak Traore is the Head  of Communication at EJT Mali. I first met Isaak in Benin in 2005 at the Grassroots Comics workshop in Cotonou. He has continued making comics and has also worked as a trainer in several grassroots comics workshops for the AMWCY in West Africa. His comics are always a delight to read. L.P

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  1. Great to see Isaak's comics here. Keep up with the good stuff all =D

    Best, Tuulia (Plan FI)