Wednesday 18 January 2017

Katti Ka-Batembo - more great campaign comics

Katti Ka-Batembo, comics artist and graphic designer, is our long-time cooperation partner in Tanzania. He was the founder and long-time chairman of TAPOMA (Tanzania Popular Media Association), with whom we had joint comics projects starting from 1993. 

About five years ago Katti suffered a stroke, which left his right arm unusable. He has, however, managed to regain his drawing ability with the innovative use of an iPad and the Procreate program. To see how he works, check out Katti's YouTube video on:

Last year Katti was commissioned to make a story for the United Nations UNFPA Tanzania Program. The story is about a young girl, Subira, who becomes pregnant and has to leave school. The 20-page story was printed in colour and widely distributed in Swahili and English.

The Subira booklet is an excellent example of how comics can be used to support a nationwide campaign on reproductive health. A vivid story can tell so much more than just a collection of facts.

Posted by Leif Packalen

Katti's contact details:

A spread from the Subira story.

The booklets, ready for distribution.

Katti also made a booklet for PLAN about child protection in the refugee camps in Western Tanzania. It was made in the Kirundi language. 

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