Monday 27 June 2016

GADO wins Cartooning for Peace award

Godfrey “GADO” Mwampembwa, one of Africa’s most outstanding cartoonists and a longtime contact to World Comics Finland, received the 2016 International Editorial Cartoons Prize issued by the Cartooning for Peace organisation. The other recipient of the Prize was “Zunar” from Malaysia.

From left Mr. Guillame Barazzone, Gado, Zunar and Kofi Annan at the award ceremony in Geneva, Switzerland (Photo: Cartooning for Peace website)

Gado is a longtime friend of ours. I first met him in 1993 at the Daily Nation, Kenya, when he had just started as the editorial cartoonist there. 

Sadly, Gado's contract with Daily Nation was not renewed any longer in February this year. The owners of the paper feared a backlash from the rulers and the powerful in Kenya, the same people whose actions have been closely monitored by Gado during his long career. His audience will miss him terribly.

Finnish readers have enjoyed Gado's cartoons in several magazines over the years, most recently in the June 2016 issue of "Kehitys" (Development) magazine.

Check out Gado's website:

Leif Packalen

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