Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Soufeina “Tuffix” Hamed - a Muslim comics artist in Europe

"Thank you Germany" from tuffix.deviantart.com
Soufenia “Tuffix”  Hamed (24) was born in Tunisia, but has grown up and studied in Germany. She is a devout Muslim and her works are much about being a Muslim in Europe. She publishes a lot of her works on the Deviantart-site and has quite a following there. Deviantart.com is an online gallery and social forum for artists of all kinds.

Her profile can be found on this link: http://tuffix.deviantart.com

Soufeina has posted almost 300 pictures and comics on the site during the 5 years she has been a member there. Her works have created a lot of comments (about 6000!) and her pages have been viewed almost 90.000 times. This are very impressive numbers. 
From tuffix.deviantart.com

Soufeina engages in a very active exchange with persons who comment on her works. She receives some negative comments as well, mainly regarding Islam, but she answers them with precise and disarmingly honest replies. Her hatemailers run out of steam quickly. She is a great asset for creating intercultural understanding in Europe, something which is much needed in these times.

Soufeina also makes sketches when she travels. Check them on her Deviantart Gallery -page under “Travel sketches”.  She has been to Bosnia, Turkey, Mecca, etc. Below one sketch from her trip to Paris.

The above illustration was included in Soufeina's interview on the Sufi Comics website: http://www.suficomics.com/interviews/soufeina-hamed-illustrates-muslim-life/ Read it, it's an interesting interview!

Soufeina has had some well-received exhibitions in Germany (do a search on Youtube). I would love to see an exhibition of her works also sometime here in Finland. Her works radiate poised calm and joyfulness. 

(posted by Leif Packalen)

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