Thursday, 30 January 2014

World Comics Finland's exhibition "Maailman sarjakuvittajat" now ready

We have now completed our exhibition "Maailman sarjakuvittajat" (loosely translated: comics makers of the world - also alluding to our organisation's name in Finnish).

The exhibition displays nine Finnish comics artists who have been at our comics workshops in different parts of the world.  Their own comics reflect in different ways their experiences from working with development issues and comics. Each artist has chosen a comic from a workshop, where s/he or has been a trainer. In the exhibition the comics are displayed in pairs, showing one by a Finnish artist and one by a Southern trainee. The exhibition, with Finnish texts, will be shown on comics festivals, in city libraries, and in comics schools in Finland during the year 2014.

The exhibition publication (28 pp) with interviews of the Finnish artists was compiled by Maippi Tapanainen.

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