Sunday, 10 March 2013

KINGO comics magazine on the buses

James Gayo and KINGO posters

Kingo comics magazine in long distance buses in Tanzania

Kingo is a very popular comics magazine that has been published in Tanzania by James Gayo since 1994. Its contributors through the years reads as a list of the top comics talent in East Africa: Gayo himself, Cloudy Chatanda, Willy Lyamba, Noah Yongolo, Paul Ndunguru, Ally Massoud, Nathan Mpangala, from Tanzania and  Madd, Frank Odoi and Gado from Kenya.

Kingo and the organisation TWAWZA (We can) has entered into a partnership in an ingenious civic education campaign which intends to distribute the Kingo magazine with educational content in long-distance buses in Tanzania.  Long-distance is anything above 3 hrs and e.g. from Dar es Salaam Ubungo Bus Terminal there are about 350 daily  long-distance departures and the same amount of arrivals.

The buses will be fitted with a yellow flat box on the back of the seat. The magazine will be put in it a. There is also space for advertisements. The material will have educational content on such issues as corruption, elections, social life and health. The production and distribution gets support from the EU. It is a very clever way of distributing material, indeed.

- Anybody going upcountry will be looking for something to read at least by the time they reach Chalinze (100 kms from Dar es Salaam), concludes Gayo.

KINGO tempts readers.

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