Sunday, 10 March 2013

KAIH keen on grassroots comics

The KAIH group in the backyard of their office, Fatma Wangari second from the right.

I visited KAIH (Kenya Association of Intellectually Handicapped) in Umoja, a suburb of Nairobi. KAIH has a cooperation project with  the Finnish organisation FDUV (Association for Swedish-speaking persons with intellectual disability in Finland) and had expressed an interest in grassroots comics for their activities in Kenya.

After my presentation of the grassroots comics concept and recounting experiences from other countries, Fatma Wangari, KAIH's Secretary General commented:  -This method could be very useful, especially for our self-advocates. For them to come out in the open, would make their life more bearable as well as increase acceptance and knowledge in the society.

Post by Leif Packalen

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