Wednesday, 22 October 2014

APDH in Burundi runs more comics workshops

Detail from a comic by Olette Ngabire. In the story a man, who abuses his wife severely, ends up in prison.

APDH (Association pour la Paix et les Droits de l'Homme) arranged three grassroots comics workshops in Burundi in September with a small grant from World Comics Finland. The workshop was held with the human rights clubs of APDH in local schools in Ngozi, Kirundo and Muyinga. Trainers at the workshops were Simon Ahishakiye,  Euphrem Rukizangabo,  Serge Barutwanayo, Cyriac Simbizi, and Jean Marie Nimenya.

The comics will be distributed in December this year and used in public discussions in different gatherings of the APDH in its promotion of local governance and of securing land rights. The comics will add much to the local debate, according to APDH's previous experiences.

The workshop comics were focussed on many different issues, such as women's rights, discrimination of the Batwa people, inheritance rights, land rights, child abuse, etc.

A small publication of the comics will be compiled soon, here is a sample:

In this story by Elvis Ndagumana, a man sells his wife's inherited land and she has to go to court to retrieve it.

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