Saturday, 14 June 2014

New improved manuals

Basic manual
Trainer's guide
We have improved our basic wallposter comics manual with adding more drawing instruction and enlarged the script-making section. The manual has now 32 pages vs 21 in the old version

At the same time, we have rewritten the step-by-step trainer’s guide for those who run workshops in which our basic comics manual is used as a handout. The two manuals are to be used hand in hand. The trainer’s guide has 40 pages. 

Both manuals are available for download on our website:

When you download the manual you can also print it double-sided, if your printer has that option. That will reduce the amount of paper use to half. 

If you have access to both a double-sided printer and Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can open the document in that program and print it as an A5-sized booklet. This reduces the paper use to 25%, but remember the print-out text is rather small. Try it out!

Download the two manuals and you get a quite good idea of how it is to run a workshop. 

We are working on making the improved manuals available also in other languages.

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