Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ville Tietavainen did it again!

Ville Tietavainen did it again! What we know about his new book, Vain Pahaa Unta (Just Bad Dreams) written and drawn together with his daughter Aino, now 7 years, fills us all with anticipation and admiration.

Aino used to have bad dreams, and woke up crying. She was only three years when she, for the first time, described a nightmare to Ville, who wrote it down in a notebook. Finally, Ville managed to convince Aino that talking about the nightmares would make her feel better.

These nocturnal talks resulted in an album, describing the nightmares, just like Ville had written them down, and drawings made by both of them. The process was not simple, because Aino did not always approve Ville’s drafts.

The title of the book in Finnish is Vain Pahaa Unta (Just Bad Dreams) and the cover has a poignant drawing where Aino and Dad walk hand in hand on a suspension bridge.

The cover
The book should be available in bookshops in Finland today (July 30, 2013).  Ville has kindly given us permission to show some of the illustrations:

Troll Orc  (6 years) Dream No 16

Let's not read this, please?

A vignette from the book

Ville Tietavainen is a comic artist, graphic designer and architect. He has been awarded several prizes for his work. He is a member of World Comics Finland and he has taught in our workshops in India and Tanzania.

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