Monday 21 January 2013

1001 Comics you must read before you die

The covers of the UK (left) and the US (right) editions of the book.

This impressive book (960 pages!)  was first published in English in 2011. The book’s editor Paul Gravett describes it as an attempt at an historical survey of the best or most significant works in the medium.
1001 Comics came out in 2012 in French (Flammarion), with an intro by Benoît Peeters and with around 100 entries substituted by Nicolas Finet and his team with French titles. It also came out in Spanish from Grijalbo, using all the original entries from the English-language version.

In October 2012, Olms in Germany published their version of 1001 Comics, edited and with a foreword by Andreas Knigge who also replaced some 100 entries with German comics. 

This year, editions are being planned in Italy, the Czech Republic and Brazil, hopefully by the autumn. 

As it reaches more and more people in more and more languages, 1001 Comics is proving a valuable tool to open readers' minds to the wonders out there in the wider world of comics, past and present. 
Get hold of the book and enjoy reading about the medium of comics from a global perspective. More on:

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